Eileen Radziunas has been exposed to the medical community both as a professional and a patient. Prior to diagnosis of her first autoimmune disease, she worked at a physicians’ office and, subsequent to that, for a physical therapy practice. She attributes the medical knowledge she acquired, however, to her long diagnostic search necessitated by a rare illness, which involved cross-country travel for consultations with in excess of one hundred physicians representing multiple specialties. Advocating for the misdiagnosed and creating awareness of rare diseases through her other two books, “Lupus: My Search for a Diagnosis” and “But Doctor, You’re Wrong!”, she addressed medical students at both UCONN and Yale, was interviewed by radio stations and local newspapers and invited as the featured speaker at numerous book author luncheons, library signings and charitable events. Her first book was selected for inclusion in the World Trade Center Book Show at the Javitt’s Center in N.Y.C. Through submission of sample chapters from her second book, she was awarded a Wesleyan University Writers’ Conference Scholarship. On the local level, she established a support group for the chronically ill and successfully campaigned for Rare Disease Awareness Day in her town. Her primary reason for sharing such a personal story is to educate others so that no one else will have a story like hers to tell.